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Things Happen. What Do We Make It Mean?

Things happen in life. We make it mean different things. Why?

We attach meaning to the events in our life, both internal and external, based on what Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) refers to as “filters”. These filters are accumulated from the time we are conceived through our upbringing, physical environment and memories. The filters function like a set of prescription glasses. Depending on your prescription, you will quite literally see or perceive the world differently. A classic example of this at play is in the court room. Often there are 2 separate parties arguing their different perspectives about the exact same events. Depending on the person, and there filters, they interpret the situation differently.

The father of a child sees their child differently to the mother.

Comments from an employer are considered constructive criticism by one employee and bullying by another.

A comment about race is considered racist by one person and humorous by another.

A crime with 6 eye witnesses produce 6 slightly different accounts of what happened.

A pandemic leads to crippling fear in one person and excitement at the prospect of making a fortune on the stock market for another.

The meaning we attach to events in our life determines the quality of actions we take and the results we achieve.

Think of something that happened recently. What did you make it mean?

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Much love to you and of course, to myself.

Dr G

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