I love working 1 on 1 with people to achieve incredible life changing results.

On my path to becoming a GP, I struggled to find the time to invest in my own health and happiness. I was doing well at work but I was so busy at work and then my life outside work seemed to keep getting busier and busier with marriage and endless commitments to family and friends. I couldn’t get over the irony of taking such good care of my patients and then struggling with it myself.

I went on a long journey to solve this problem and stumbled on some key insights. The one that changed my life was that happiness and health is a SKILL. It’s something that can be learnt and therefore, taught. Nowadays, alongside my GP practice, I love working with individuals and organisations to teach the balance that exists at the intersection of the 3 H’s – Happiness, Health and High Performance.

Testimonials from coaching clients

I reached out to ‘Dr G’ in the hopes that he would ‘fix’ me. He didn’t. Much more impressively, he facilitated thought processes, questions, discussions, and processes that resulted in the realisation that I did not need fixing; I was enough.

On my first phone call with G, he told me that we would be “taking the arrow out”. In the first 6 months of working together, whether I knew it or not, I was learning to let go. Laying the foundation of doing happiness and learning to embrace and love myself. Those 6 months completely shifted my perspective on my view of myself, others, and the world around me. I wanted more!

Recently, G and I have hit the one year mark of working together. The last 6 months has been uncomfortable; for the good. Pushing the boundaries of what I thought I was capable of, engaging in difficult conversations, and living fully without the arrow. It has been life changing.

G’s kind, humorous, direct, and thought provoking nature makes him the ideal coach. As he says, “Good questions get good answers. Great questions change lives”. I can whole-heartedly say that his ability to ask questions, sit with silence, and facilitate deep thought is beyond extraordinary.

I could not recommend Dr G enough if you’re looking for a coach to help you change your own life.

Connor Scott

Co-Founder of the Zoop Network

To say I highly recommend Dr G would be a massive understatement. I first met Dr G through a session our work organized as part of a leadership program. I had been really struggling with achieving a work/life balance (i know aren’t we all…. ) After even that first session where he helped kickstart my journey through MAM (it’s one of his specialties- i wont spoil the fun- you can read about it in his blogs or even ask him what MAM is…) I really seemed to resonate with his method of coaching. The decision to have him coach me on a 12 month program was a no brainer- it was nothing like the “5mins to happiness” or “buy my book for $50 and you’ll find the answer” it was his approach of ‘this is a journey and something we have to work on’, with the end goal/s something we could explore together. We are now about 1/2 way through a 12-month personal coaching program and although there are moments where I still fall in a heap, I am absolutely amazed at how quickly I can pick myself back up and also how far we have come. And the really funny/scary/exciting thing, in his words are “we are just getting started brother 🙂 ” Even as recently as this morning he stills challenges me with some absolute doozies of self-reflection questions, where i literally feel like my brain is empty one minute, and then see the penny drop to a realization which is epic. I am extremely grateful to have Dr G not only as my mentor, but a true friend. And finally…. if I can take anything out of our time together at the very least, he taught me to enjoy fishing in the wind!

Daniel Walker

Senior Technology Consultant – Cloud Transformation at OpenText

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