The Solve For Greatness Podcast

Dr G and his co-host Buddhima Edi believe that there is greatness within all of us. This podcast aims to inspire everyone to realise their own greatness, and maximise their potential to create a massive impact!

Podcast appearances

  • Just A Teacher Podcast – EP1, Part A

    In Part A of this two-part series, we gain an insight into why Dr Gihan Jayaweera aka Dr G is focused on supporting teachers to be happier.

    Dr G shares his journey from Sri Lanka to Australia and the impact teachers had on him.

  • Just A Teacher Podcast – EP1, Part B

    In Part B with Dr G, we deep dive into happiness and wellbeing and if we are going to help others, we need to first help ourselves. Dr G shares the idea of “doing happiness” and how we can build and sustain habits that will improve our wellbeing.

  • Just A Teacher Podcast – EP2

    Just A Teacher podcasts resident doctor, Dr Gihan Jayaweera, joins the podcast to provide insights into goal-setting and developing habits. To provide the listeners with a practical guide, Dr G coaches Travis on how to develop a habit to positively impact his wellbeing.

  • The Zoop Podcast

    The School of ZOOP semester has started and class is in session. Join us for the first episode of the season as we delve into learning about social anxiety and practices that can be implemented into our wellbeing routines. Open your minds and your books and be ready for our first period.

  • E33 – Going Well with Dr Gihan Jayaweera

    In this episode, we chat with Dr. Gihan Jayaweera – GP and Founder of Atomic Wellness. We discuss why Dr. Gihan is so interested in teacher and school leader wellbeing, the difference between the plastic and glass balls you may be juggling in the air, the MAM – the Minimum Absolute Must, Habit Loops, and the multiplying factor of small habits, how when multiplied out over weeks, months and years little things can go a long way to shaping your health profile.

  • The Viewpoints Podcast

    Henry talks with Founder of Atomic Wellbeing, Dr Gihan Jayaweera ‘Dr G’


Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM) and Cancer Council Victoria (CCV) presented this webinar on ‘Talking to patients about health and weight’. Dr G (from 25.17) and Stavroula Zandes talked about initiating the conversation about weight with our patients as well as the art and science of effective goal setting and habits.

D22 Conference

Free Keynote Speech that takes a live coaching approach and tackles the constant flow of uncertainty and unmet expectations that an educator is faced with in the face of the COVID 19 pandemic.

“Insightful – if this is new for you, it can be life-changing. If it is not new, it is a life-changing reminder. Fabulous stuff Dr G!”  Andrew Mowat (Educator and Co-Founder of Eduspark)

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