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The First Time She Has Felt Successful

I wanted to share a powerful moment I shared with an incredible human I am coaching. We have been working on her fear of failure.

“What’s your definition of success?” I asked.

After a long pause, “Doing things that I couldn’t previously do.” The last few months have been spent doing just that. She has made exponential progress.

“Aren’t you doing that now?” I asked.

“Yes.” She said with a big smile on her face.

“Does that mean you are successful NOW?”

After another long pause, “Yes. I am successful….wow.” The tears started.

“When was the last time you thought you were a success.” I asked.

“Never.” She said with tears in her eyes.

“So this is the FIRST time in your life that you have felt like a success?” I asked with a big smile on my face now.

With a big smile on her face, “Yes. Wow. I am still not where I want to be but for some reason, I still feel successful. I feel successful NOW.”

I allowed her to soak in the moment.

At the end of the session, as I always do, I asked her “What’s your biggest takeaway?”

I can be successful without an end result.” This was powerful. A light bulb moment for her.

“Now THAT is what I call a great definition of success. With that definition, you can be successful in EVERY moment of your life from now till the day you die.”

“I like that”.

How do you define success? Do you consider yourself successful?

Much love to you and of course, myself.

Dr G

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