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The 3650 Rule

Do you see the value in doing something small, consistently?

Many years ago, I developed the 3650 rule to show myself the progress that I was making and was going to make through my seemingly small daily habits.

The premise is simple. A small habit done daily over 10 years has a significant impact. The numbers don’t lie.

Let’s look at the difference a can of cola a day can make.

 1 can of cola a day0 cans of cola a day
1 day10
7 days70
28 days (1 month)280
365 days (1 year)3650
3650 days (10 years)36500

A can of cola a day for 10 years is 3650 cans of cola. When you take into account that a can of cola typically has 10 teaspoons of sugar, that’s 36,500 teaspoons of sugar after 10 years. These are two completely different versions of the same person. One who has consumed 36,500 teaspoons of sugar and the other, zero.

Let’s look at the difference a 10 minute run every day can make.

 10 minute run every day0 minutes run a day
1 day100
7 days700
28 days (1 month)2800
365 days (1 year)36500
3650 days (10 years)365000

A 10 minute run done every day amounts to 36,500 minutes of running after 10 years. That’s 608.3 hours and 25.3 full days of running after 10 years. Compare this with zero minutes. Two completely different versions of the same person.

Your happiness and health comes down to mathematics.

The 3650 rule
3650 X [Insert daily habit] = The difference it will make in 10 years

3650 X 5 minutes of meditation every day =  18,250 minutes after 10 years. Ohmmmmm indeed.

3650 X 20 cigarettes every day = 73,000 cigarettes after 10 years. This could cost you a deposit for a house and maybe, your life. 

3650 X a wine bottle every day = 3650 bottles of wine. This would affect your liver. 

3650 X writing down 3 things that you are grateful for every day = 10,950 things that you are grateful for. This would change the way you see the world.

3650 X write for 20 minutes every day = 73,000 minutes of writing. This would mean you are the author of multiple books. 

“Most people overestimate what they can achieve in a year and underestimate what they can achieve in 10 years” – Bill Gates. 

Do the numbers for your daily habits. To forecast your trajectory over the next 10 years, just multiple by 3650. Course correct if you are heading for trouble.

Much love to you and of course, myself.

Dr G

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