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Opportunity In Adversity

Ronda Rousey is one of the most influential women in the world of mixed martial arts. She would kick my ass. She would kick your ass too.

One day during training, Ronda broke her right hand. She couldn’t use it for 6 months. This is big news for a professional athlete training for a cage fight. Taking time off and resting her right hand would have made sense. What did she do instead? She spent the next 6 months honing her left hand. At the end of the 6 months, she had an killer jab. By the time her right hand had healed, she had legitimate weapons in both hands.

Ronda took her adversity, found an opportunity in a different area and exploited it. We can apply this principle to the game of happiness. Often in times of adversity, we retreat. Instead, try asking yourself, “Where is the opportunity?”

A loved one gets cancer. An opportunity to spend more time with someone you adore.

You love running and you injure your foot. An opportunity to strengthen your upper body while the foot heals.

You are made redundant at work. An opportunity to start fresh. Many people wish they could do something else but they are too scared to take the leap.

There is an opportunity in everything, even adversity. If you break your right hand, get excited about your jab.

When adversity strikes next and it will, ask yourself, “Where is the opportunity?”

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Much love to you and of course, to myself.


Dr G

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