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DoHappy Basics

If you want a guaranteed way to be happier and healthier, do the basics. Do them daily and ideally, forever.

1) Exercise.
Something is better than nothing. A push up a day for 1 year is still an extra 365 push ups.

Consistency trumps intensity. A 5 minute jog a day for 10 years is better than training 8 weeks for a marathon. Do the maths.

More is better than less (most the time). A 30 minute jog is better than a 10 minute one. However, this means nothing if it is at the expense of consistency.

2) Eat well.
“Eat food, mostly plants, not too much” – Michael Pollen in his book Food rules.
Eat food means eat real food. If your food was made in a factory, it’s not real.

Mostly plants refers to fruits and vegetables. Have 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables a day. Only 6.1% of adults eat the recommended amount of both fruit and vegetables.

Not too much. Eat slowly, avoid second servings and beware of snacks.

3) Sleep well.
Get 15 minutes of morning sunlight.
Switch off screens 90 minutes before sleep.
There’s other stuff but light is the main thing. Focus on that.

4) Get outside.
Many people suffer from a  “nature deficiency”. It’s unnatural. Pun intended. Go outside and have a look. There is some beautiful sh** out there.

5) Invest in quality relationships.
The longest study on happiness, the Harvard Study of Adult Development, showed that to live a long and happy life, quality relationships matter. Find your people and make time for them.

6) Do something for the mind.
Things like meditation or gratitude journaling are great. I do both. I am convinced they give you superpowers.

7) Reduce screen time and replace it with any of the above.

Do the basics. If everyone did the above, I probably wouldn’t have a job. I definitely wouldn’t be busy.

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Much love to you and of course, myself.

Dr G

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