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Work-Life Balance (Whitepaper)

ttention all beautiful people! Yes, that’s YOU!

I have written a whitepaper on “Work-life balance”. It’s awesome! To download it, click here.

Are you tired and exhausted?
Are you stressedoverwhelmed and burning out?
Do you feel so busy that the thought of squeezing another thing into your tight schedule seems impossible?
Do you feel like you are always behind and the to-do list keeps growing?
Are you working too much?
Do you feel like you need a break? When you have a break, do the effects only last a few days?
Is there just too much pressure?
Do you know that you need to exercise and look after your health but you just don’t have the time or energy?
By the end of the day, does it feel like you have no time or energy left over for your partner and kids?
Do you have terrible sleep because you get to bed late, wake up early and you can’t switch off?

We all know that work-life balance is important. Is it possible? It has to be.

Think about what is at stake.

  • A thriving career.
  • A great income.
  • Deep and meaningful relationships with family and friends.
  • A close bond with your children.
  • A growing love for your partner.
  • A sense of vitality and health as you get older.
  • A happy and energetic life.

On your behalf, I have obsessed about how to solve this work-life balance puzzle. I love to help busy people find happiness and balance.

My whitepaper will help you to

  • Understand the traditional approach to work-life balance and why it doesn’t work.
  • Avoid the trap of putting off the ‘important, not urgent’ parts of life.
  • Start designing a life where you can excel in all domains of life, not just work.
  • Explore the importance of finding happiness first, and then designing for balance.

I love to create work that I am proud of that helps someone else. This whitepaper ticks both of these boxes.

If you read it and you love it, please SHARE it with someone you know that is struggling with work-life balance.

If you read it and you have comments or questions, email me directly at

Much love to you and of course, myself.

Dr G

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