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“Please help my hubby. He works too much.”

I just crossed 300 subscribers on my newsletter. My aim was to have 3 subscribers (the first two being my Mum and my wife). I have 100x’d my goal. What a life. Thank you to everyone who reads, supports and spreads this newsletter. Love you long time. And without further ado, let’s talk about husbands that work too much. 

Does this sound familiar?
You feel like there is not enough time to finish your work.
You are always busy…but you haven’t done much. 

You feel you need to organise things better but there is not much improvement. 

Your to-do list never seems to end. In fact, it keeps getting longer. 
The natural reaction is to try to work harder and squeeze more things in. 
The risk? 
You put off the things that matter. These things usually seem like they can wait. 
Relationships. It can wait. Until your wife leaves you or your kids don’t know who you are (seen it – multiple times). 
Health. It can wait. Until you get a heart attack (seen it – multiple times). 
Your personal development. It can wait. Until you wake up one day and realise you have lost touch with who you really are and what you want out of life (see it – all the time). 
This stuff breaks my heart. Why? Because it is PREVENTABLE. 
As a lifestyle medicine doctor, I obsess about helping people optimise their wellbeing and performance.
My belief is that you can have it all. You can get amazing results in your career and at the same time, get amazing results in your personal life. You don’t have to compromise. Ever.

Here are 3 things that I work on with my clients.

  1. Mindset.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right.” – Henry Ford. 

We start with the belief that you can excel in all domains of your life at the same time. Then we work backwards. 

  1. Permission.

You need permission to work less but not compromise on results. 
You need permission to slow down, or even stop, so you can plan and prepare instead of constantly putting out fires. 
You need permission to invest time and money in yourself. The returns are guaranteed. This investment will exceed anything you buy on the stock or real estate market. 

At the start, my clients find it hard to give themselves such permissions. So I do it on their behalf. People often find it ‘liberating and freeing’. 

  1. Time and energy. 

You probably need to start from scratch when it comes to how you view time and energy. 
It is an art to free up time and energy and still get wild results in your life. 
It is an art to strive towards an unhurried lifestyle and still progress in all domains of your life. 
Ultra high performers don’t necessarily do more. They realise that there are certain activities, that are usually time and energy efficient, that yield disproportionate results. They just focus on that. 

Much love to you and of course myself,

Dr G

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