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If I Can Stop Feeling Broken…

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It’s time to share one of the most powerful moments I have shared with another human being.

Dr G: After nearly 2 years of working together, what do you think this has all been about my friend?

C: It’s been about getting over my own sh**. I just don’t want to feel broken anymore.

Dr G: What do you mean?

C: If I can stop feeling broken, everything in my life will change.

Dr G: Why?

C: I’m not sure. I think I just want to be able to tell my story so that I can help other people.

Dr G: Why?

C: It feels like winning.

Dr G: Why?

C: I can’t explain it.

Dr G: Try.

C: Because then I won’t feel so broken.

Dr G: You have been practising your ability to speak and tell your story for months now. You have done hours of ‘reps’. As we have said over and over again, it’s about the speaking but it’s not actually about the speaking right?

C: Yes.

Dr G: When you have told your story, have you noticed that you have already helped other people?

C: Now that you mention it, yes.

Dr G: Your story is already helping other people my friend.

C: Wow, yes.

Dr G: Doesn’t that mean you are already winning?

After a long pause…

C: Wow, yes.

Dr G: Are you still broken then?

After a longer pause…

C: No.

Dr G: Have you ever said that out loud before?

C: No. 

Dr G: Remember when you said that if you can stop feeling broken, everything in your life will change?

C: Yer?

Dr G: Welcome to your new life.

C: Speechless. Looking around with a big smile on her face as if she is seeing the world for the first time.

Dr G: I am so sorry that I am the first person you have to see.

Dr G: Are you religious?

C: No.

Dr G: Neither am I. However, I want to tell you a story. Rory Vaden is one of my favourite entrepreneurs and a man of faith. He believes that our pain has a purpose. Once you move through your pain, you are better for it. Not only that, he believes that the burning desire that you have to help other people, is a signal. That signal doesn’t come from you. It comes from someone else. That someone else is literally on their hands and knees praying for you to help them because only you can.

C: Still speechless.

Dr G: Here’s the thing. I love to help people. For some people, I am very good at helping them. For a handful, I may be the best person in the world to help them. There are people out in the world that are waiting for you to help them. Everything you have gone through makes you perfectly positioned to do so.

C: Still speechless.

Dr G: I am so proud of you.

To say that I am proud of C is an understatement. I truly believe that there are people that are literally or metaphorically on their knees praying for her help. Because of the pain and adversity that C has endured and overcome, my prediction is that she will one day answer a lot of these prayers.

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