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How to get crazy results without much effort

The mathematics of consistency and momentum is too good to ignore. 

Let’s take any simple daily discipline (e.g. Reading a non fiction book every day)

Version A: Read every day on the weekdays and take a rest on the weekend.

Version B: Read every day. 

After 1 year,

Version A: Read for 261 days (assuming 52 weekends in a year). 

Version B: Read for 365 days. 

Difference: 104 days

After 10 years,

Version A: Read for 2610 days.

Version B: Read for 3650 days.

Difference: 1040 days. That’s NEARLY 3 YEARS!

Most people ‘take a rest’ over the weekend. It could cost them nearly 3 years of progress. 

This doesn’t even account for momentum. Momentum is the force which keeps developing and growing your progress AFTER you have started. For example, it’s easier to turn the car wheels when it is already moving. 

Version A has to START EVERY MONDAY. Little momentum.

Version B starts ONCE and is building on the momentum of the previous days, weeks, months and years. 

Consistency + Momentum = EPIC

Here’s what I am working on these days:

Picking a handful of simple, easy and enjoyable actions to commit to daily. 

I am trying to pick actions that I think will increase the chances of success in the domains of life I care about – Happiness, Health and High performance (in that order). 

I am not too fussed about the results. I think the character building exercise of committing to something every day is a great return on investment in itself. 

If you are thinking of doing something similar, here’s what I would consider.

Pick a simple daily discipline in each of the main areas of life, happiness, health, and High performance, and commit to it every day. 

For example, for me these days it’s gratitude and meditation daily (for happiness), exercise and stretching daily (for health), reading and writing daily (for high performance). 

I got a lot going on (like everyone) so I have made sure these simple daily disciplines have 2 key characteristics: easy to do and fun to do. This makes it much easier to be consistent and build momentum. 

Good luck!

Much love to you and of course, myself,

Dr G

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