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How To Be Unhappy

This is my 30th article. A big thank you to everyone that reads and shares my writing.

I am driven by “passive impact”. Passive income is the ability to make money while you sleep. Passive impact, a term that I coined, refers to making impact while you sleep. While I sleep, I want to be helping people. These articles are a small step in that direction. Without further ado, let me teach you how to be unhappy!

Here are 6 guaranteed ways to be unhappy.

  1. Compare yourself to others.

This can happen from a position of inferiority: “They are better than I am.”
Interestingly, it can also happen from a position of superiority: “I am better than them”. This is more subtle but, worth exploring.

  1. Feel a sense of not enoughness.

What you have is not enough and more deeply, you are not enough. Despite all the progress you have made in life, it’s never enough.

  1. Misunderstand control.

You try to control things that you can’t.

  1. Dwell on the past.

Dwelling on the unpleasant things that have happened in the past doesn’t allow for useful reflection.

  1. Worry about the future.

Worrying about unpleasant things that may or may not happen in the future doesn’t allow for effective planning.

  1. Have expectations that exceed reality.

High expectations, particularly in setting of low control (see 3), leads to constantly falling short.

Does any of this resonate with you? The most common answer is, “yes, pretty much all of them”.

Let me offer you an antidote for each of these.

  1. Antidote for Comparison

Be inspired by the people around you and if you must compare, compare yourself to the person you were yesterday. This is a healthier way to progress.

  1. Antidote for Not enoughness.

By default, you are already enough. Eventually, you can move to a state of abundance.

  1. Antidote for Control.

Cultivate a deep understanding of what you can and can’t control. Act aggressively in the “can” control part of life. Let go and accept the “can’t” control part of life.

  1. Antidote for Dwelling.

Mindfully and intentionally reflect on the past. Look for learnings and apply it in the now.

  1. Antidote for Worrying.

Mindfully and intentionally plan for the future. Based on your plans, reverse engineer what you need to do now. Then do it.

  1. Antidote for Expectations > Reality.

You can either reduce your expectations or increase your reality. It’s easier to reduce your expectations. It’s fun to increase your reality. Do both but if in doubt, lower your expectations.

I have systematised each of these antidotes for you. I can’t wait to share them in more detail over the coming months.

As you may know, I love to help professionals find balance in their busy lives. If you would like to learn more about coaching/speaking, email me at

Much love to you and of course, myself.

Dr G

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