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The games we play

We play 4 games in life.

Happiness. This is the game we must win. If you are not happy, what’s the point? Happiness is not just a feeling. Happiness is a skill, a verb, an action and ultimately something that we do. It’s something we all want but many of us leave to chance. Take control, rig the game heavily in your favour and win this game. Through what I know so far, I will attempt to show you how over the coming months. #DoHappy

Health. This is the game we must try very hard to win. Eventually, we all lose this game when we die. However, trying to win this game will increase your probability of having vitality into your late years. Sometimes you are unlucky and get sick with things you have no control over. At least you can still win the happiness game.

Money and wealth. This is the game you must win to meet your basic needs: food, water, shelter and a safety net. Life is difficult if you don’t have the basics. After this point, it doesn’t matter if you lose because you can just play again. Get to the point where your basic needs are met and decide whether this game is for you.

Self actualisation. This is the game where you go on a journey to realise your full potential. The journey matters more than the outcome as there is no such thing as your full potential. As you grow, your potential does as well. The pursuit of this worthy ideal allows you to have a very colourful life. I highly recommend it.

All these games are worth playing. Life is literally our playground. Good luck!

Much love to you and of course, to myself.

Dr G

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