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1 hour to edit 1 paragraph

I just spent 1 hour editing a single paragraph in my book. (Scroll to the end if you want to see the finished paragraph)

Undertaking a big project, like writing your first book, can be overwhelming. 
I started writing this book 5 years ago and gave up. I can’t remember why. I probably had an excuse that sounded good – not enough time, too much on my plate, other priorities to focus on, it wasn’t that important, I didn’t know enough, not feeling ready etc. 
August 2023, I decided to actually write and finish the book. 
December 2023, I finished my first draft. 55,000 words. 
May 2024, I finished my first edit. 62,000 words.
I have now started my second round of editing. I have three goals.

  1. Make it flow.
  2. Make it as short as possible, but no shorter.
  3. Make sure I am proud of it and it will have the best shot of helping anyone who reads it.  

After spending 1 hour editing a single paragraph in a 62,000 word manuscript, I questioned my whole life’s existence. “Will I ever finish this thing?”  

‘The Slight Edge’ by Jeff Olson explains why I will finish. It is a powerful book. I read it years ago and loved it. I started reading it again and not only do I still love it, I need it. 

The slight edge is a philosophy that small, simple and seemingly insignificant disciplines, if committed to regularly, will lead to massive results in the future. 

15 minutes of exercise a day. 
Reading 10 pages of non fiction a day. 
Telling your partner that you love them every day.
Catching up with your parents once a week.
Meditating for 5 minutes a day. 
Reviewing your finances monthly. 
Gratitude journaling every day. 
Date night with your partner once a week.
Catch up with your friends once a month. 
Write for 30 minutes every day. 

If you committed to any of these actions for a few years, wouldn’t you be surprised if your life didn’t dramatically improve?

Olson says that all of these seemingly small actions matter. There’s a catch. Most people don’t keep doing them. Here are 3 reasons why.

  1. They are easy to do so they are easy not to do. “Ahh I will just do it tomorrow”
  2. The results are invisible at the start. “I walked for 15 minutes today. I am still unfit.”
  3. They seem insignificant. “I meditated for 5 minutes today. So what?”

So here I am. 1 hour to edit a single paragraph. 
It was easy not to do. 
The results are almost invisible.   
It seems insignificant. 
Here’s what I know. 

Seemingly insignificant actions + Time + Faith = Ridiculous results

To ensure your own happiness, fall in love with the left side of the equation because it accounts for 99.9% of the journey. This way, even if you don’t get the result, you still have an epic time. 
What is a seemingly insignificant action you need to commit to or keep committing to that will lead you towards a ridiculous result in your life? 

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For those of you who are curious.

Old paragraph:
Life will slap you in the face. The first time I was ‘slapped’ was in high school. When I was 14 years old, my hairline had already started to recede. It looked like the shoreline before a tsunami. I had big ears that put Dumbo the elephant to shame. I also had a huge afro. To any seasoned high school bully, I looked like lunch. I was teased. A lot. There were a lot of tears during this period. Just to be clear, I wasn’t bullied for the afro. The afro was epic. 
Edited paragraph:
Life slaps everyone in the face. The first time I was slapped was in high school. I had big ears, a receding hairline and a massive afro. To any seasoned bully, I looked like lunch. I was teased. A lot. There were a lot of tears during this period. Just to be clear, I wasn’t bullied for the afro. The afro was epic. 

Much love to you and of course myself,

Dr G

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